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Johnson Boiler Works, Inc.

53 Marshall St.

Benwood, WV 26031

Phone: (304) 232-3070


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About Us:

Johnson's Boiler Sales & Service, Inc. started in Wheeling, WV in 1902 by Howard E. Johnson's Uncle and a partner and was known as the Bryan and Bippus Boiler Works. Howard E. Johnson's Father, William J. Johnson, took full control in 1934 and was joined by Howard in 1957. At that time the name was changed to Johnson's Boiler Sales and Service. In 1963 William Johnson passed away and the business incorporated in 1971. In 1984 Johnson Boiler Works, Inc. bought all assets of Johnson's Boiler Sales & Service, Inc. We maintain an excellent reputation with boiler inspectors and are well known throughout the area. We do boiler, heating, cooling, plumbing, and all types of services for industrial, commercial and residential accounts.

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